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Title, Anyone?

Location, Location, Location

Pardon Me, Do You Have The Time?

Outline or No Outline:  That is the Question!

And you are...?  And you are with...?

Take Ten Paces Forward, Turn, and... huh?

What Really Scares You?

Who are you?  What are you?  Who moved the rock?

Blocking the Block:  What To Do When Your Mind Shuts Down

Ladies and Gentlemen:  Step Right Up and Pick a Crime, Any Crime

The Times They Are A'Changin--small is now the new BIG

Coffee...?  Tea...?  Pea Soup...?

Did I ever tell you you're my hero?  Of course, there is still your paralyzing fear of pillow shams...

Can Crime be Fun? 

Sequel or Prequel, Single or Double, Trilogy or Octology?  When should enough be enough?

My Guest Blog

Blah, Blah, Blah, Yap, Yap, Yap:  Put a Cork In It, Or Not?

Monsters:  They're not under your bed anymore; they're sharing your pillow

The Crime Factory is open for business

New Flash Challenge

Updated Link to Dan O'Shea's Church Flash Contest

Why ask why?  Because we need to know why.  But, why? 

Another Glimpse Into the Life of Our Deaf Hit Man 

Check out a real killer

Spinetingler nominees

Crime Fiction?  What is that?

Crime Factory Issue #2 Available

Horror Fiction;  Is There Really Such a Thing?

First Issue of Needle is Available!

Forensics in your crime story?  Better know your stuff!

Come and get some noir!  I mean Philip, of course...

Jason Duke's Writing Contest

Robert Jackson Bennett's Debut Novel

Flash Fiction Challenge

Needle Flash Fiction Challenge

Back in the Saddle

The House on Blackstone Moor

Apostle Rising

All the Stories Written for Yvette's Short Story Challenge

Richard Godwin's Apostle Rising is a Must Read

Apostle Rising is now available

Why I Love the Dark Side

Thanks so much for the review

Stop Me - by Richard Jay Parker - A Review

Guest Writer - B.R. Stateham

Do you follow the rules when you write crime fiction/noir?

Is Murder Always a Murder?

Dan O'Shea's Tornado Relief Flash Fiction Challenge

The Lost Children Charity Anthology

Mr. Glamour by Richard Godwin

So Happy and Proud:  A Review of One of My Books

Another Great Review of My Novel:  My Head's In The Clouds

Notausgang - Pure Slush Vol. 2 - Available now

The Knowledge of Good and Evil:  A Review

Andreas Kaldis:  My New Best Friend

Notausgang:  Emergency Exit, Pure Slush, Vol. 2:  A Review

As Crime Writers, Are We Entertaining Our Readers or Educating Future Killers?

Prompt:  Who Do You Love?

The Stories:  Who Do You Love?

Richard Godwin's Apostle Rising Now Available as an Ebook

An Open Invitation to Talk About Writing

The Next Big Thing

A Killer Shares:  An Interview With The Epitome of Pure Evil or a For-Hire Personal Avenging Angel?

Turner Hahn and Frank Morales are Back

Scare Me by Richard Parker - A Review

barcode:  Pure Slush, Vol. 8 - A Review

Kirk's Landing by Mike Young:  A Review

NaNoWriMo Time - Yay!

Stalk Me:  A Review

A Taste of Old Revenge - A Review

Ghost in the Machine by Ed James - A Review

Fated Paradox: A Contest for Writers of Mysteries and Thrillers 

Inkitt:  My New Favorite Spot to Read and Write 

Be My Killer by Richard Parker: Words CAN Hurt You! - A Review 

Infinite Darkness (The Edge: Volume 2) by Patrick Reuman - A Review


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