J.F. Juzwik - Author


Hello, to all readers and writers alike,

I am a published author. I have had two crime fiction novels,  a six-part children's fantasy series, and a collection of poetry published as ebooks (DiskUsPublishing), a horror short published in an anthology (Deathgrip: The Legacy), a short story published in a charity anthology (The Lost Children), and stories published in several Pure Slush print anthologies (Notausgang, Gorge, obit., Catherine the Great, and barcode). My crime fiction/noir stories have appeared in A Twist of Noir, Pulp Metal Magazine, Powder Burn Flash, Shotgun Honey, and Pure Slush online. I currently have two novels in the works, and a story out for consideration for an anthology. My latest crime fiction/noir novel was published in November, 2015.

I enjoy writing in various forms (i.e., flash, short story, novel, etc.), and in various genres (i.e., crime fiction, noir, thriller, suspense, fantasy, etc.). I also write free-verse poetry. I am an avid reader, as I believe all writers must be.

I maintain a blog at jfjuzwik.blogspot.com, which contains discussions on different aspects of writing crime fiction and horror. Please see the tab on this site entitled Writing/Reviews/Contests for those posts. Many of my stories are also published on my blog, and links to them are contained in the tab on this site entitled Published Stories.

PLEASE NOTE: None of my books are currently available from DiskUs. I have severed my relationship with DiskUs Publishing, and all rights to my 9 books listed with them have reverted back to me. DiskUs has always dealt with me in an honest and fair fashion; however, exposure is very limited since books are only available via their site. Under new management, this may change in the future, but at this time, I prefer to find another home for my work. I am in the process of reworking several of my novels and will be seeking a new publisher for all of them, so stay tuned!





Welcome, friend. Please enjoy.